We are a small brokerage firm with 13 years of experience in the New York market. from the boom of 2003 through the downturn of 2008, and since then, we witnessed and lived through wide range of economic changes that affect the Real Estate market. Our accumulated wealth of experience and knowledge of the in-and-outs of all aspects of the real estate industry, will be at your at your side.


We are highly qualified to assist:


Sellers assess the optimal time to place their properties on the market, based on their personal schedule and needs, at a realistically highest price possible. We will make sure that the process of selling your property is as smooth as possible, and with-out an error. Through professional negotiating with potential buyers, and the execution of contracts and closing, we pay attention to the smallest details of the process of selling a property in New York City, so you don’t have to.


Buyers evaluate and focus on the timing and neighborhoods that will best fit the budget and life style. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced one, we are aware and sensitive to your best interests.


Our job (we believe) is to make sure that you have all the information you’ll need (to make your best personal decision), in-front of you. Understanding Mortgage applications and pre-approval processes are our specialties, as well as preparing perfect coop and condo Board Packages and getting ready to a successful interview when need be.


Every step of the way our job is to be beside you with open eyes to achieve a successful purchase


Renters choose the right neighborhood, type of building and apartment, to rent and have the best New York experience. With tenth of thousands new rental units, being offered in 2018 alone, renters never had more options to choose from. With new beautiful neighborhoods being developed, renters can choose to live in Manhattan or in the outer boroughs, Brooklyn offers wonderful life style as well as Queens and the Bronx. We would love to show the magic that New York has.


Diplomats save time and find the right home, based on budget and diplomatic immunity status. We have business relations with the companies that accept diplomats into their rental buildings. We are well verse with all the details of processing a diplomat’s applications. From budget, to each Mission’s requirements and timing of approval, from home country, you can count on us to not only find a great home, but we can get you approved.